Crowdfunding campaign … Join the adventure!

Beyond Death is at its very beginning and you will have the opportunity to become real stakeholders. Indeed, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign that will last 30 days starting first days of July. We will communicate definitive launch date as soon as possible. Stay informed with our blog or with our Facebook page.

We invite you all to come on Kickstarter in July and see the abundant rewards available in exchange for donation!

Rewards are, but not limited to; HD wallpapers, digital copy of Beyond Death at alpha release, digital copy of Pre-Alpha access, digital soundtrack, digital book of Beyond Death’s Development, your name written on the wall of fame in game, naming a street, naming a building, naming a town, autographed poster, 3D weapon modelisation of your choice and even more!

These funds will give me the possibility to build a small team of developers. This team of passionate devs will continue and improve the game by adding 3D content, animations, game mechanics. Therefore, the more people will work on Beyond Death the faster and better the game will be developed.

  1. JayFCB

    Honestly this game seems too good to be true! Cannot wait for release, if you could give me an estimated time of release that would be amazing! I will definitely be doing videos on this game when released on my YouTube channel 😃💯

  2. Asiius

    I am very anxious for this game. I really want it. It looks like a better and improved version of the game, 7 Days to Die. I fear your game won’t reach your funding goal and I know that if it doesn’t, I will get frustrated. Do you guys have an alternative if it doesn’t reach it’s goal?

  3. Lionel Nicolas
    Lionel Nicolas

    Game should come in pre-alpha in January 2019 if the crowdfunding campaign works. The game can’t be developed without several devs on it. Other alternative would be too risky.

  4. Asiius

    Will there be random generated maps and bigger maps? ‘Cause 20k x 20k seems a little bit small…

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