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    How about we have factions in the game, here are some examples:
    Faction less: Just joined the game or wants to be a lone wolf
    The church: extremely religious, relies on faith and speed. Mission: to increase their numbers
    Has access to faith stat (operates like luck)
    The Militiamen: extremely unbiased, relies on liberty and strength
    Mission: to provide protection to civilians and hold courts
    Has access to liberty stat (operates like intelligence)
    The mercs: extremely honorable, relies on accuracy and strength by numbers. They are mercenaries, assassins and personal bodyguards
    Mission: to have more members and to do the dirty jobs
    Has access to accuracy stat (makes it more likely to get a hit with a weapon)
    Survivalists: extremely healthy, relies on hiding and sticking together.
    Mission: to survive
    Has access to survivalist stat (improves health recovery)
    Scientists; extremely intelligent, relies on said intelligence and bio weapons.
    Mission: to find a cure for the virus
    Has access to chemistry (allows then to craft bio weapons or upgrade other weapons)

    Emilie Vonarx
    Emilie Vonarx

    This faction system sounds reeeally interesting !!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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