Kickstarter campaign is running!

Pre-order Beyond Death and help us using Kickstarter. Depending on your donation you will get pre-alpha access and be able to name a street, a city, or get modeled a weapon, car, truck or object of your choice which will be in game! If you believe in our game and want to help, share the message with your friends. This game is for every player who love surviving, building, crafting, exploring, scavenging, farming and much more!

Kickstarter page here

And here is a kind message left on one of our video:

“Hey guys you know…if you don’t share it enough… This game is never gonna start an early access!😵 This game is based on a crowdfunding system, and there is only 28 days remaining before the end of this diamond!🤤🤩 So please, share it or participate to the crowdfunding, you can have a city with your name, a car, a truck, or a gun who will be developped by the devs (And more) !!!”

New trailer is out! :


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